Verona: Earth is on Fire, and We've Forgotten the Mona Lisa

By Richard Wordsworth on at

All is not well in the near-ish-future, quasi-Shakespeare-inspired world of Verona. Scientists have discovered a black hole hiding behind the sun, which is slowly causing the Earth and everyone on it to be pulled into a scorching fiery doom.

Everyone except the rich people, who have flitted off into space to found new colonies away from the billions of stranded paupers. Irksomely for them, the 1 per cent were in such a hurry to avoid armageddon that they left behind all of Earth's valuable treasures.

This is where you come in. You play as an 'Extractor', a spacefaring treasure-hunter-for-hire who will – for a modest fee – return to Earth to rob the surviving plebs of any remaining artefacts that haven't been nailed down or burst into flames. Which, as you'll recall from GCSE English, is pretty much exactly the plot of Shakespeare's play.

Beyond some concept art and a CGI trailer, that's pretty well all we know. We're not sure what the Shakespearean connection is (the developers claim that the game is inspired by Romeo and Juliet and Joss Whedon's Firefly) - but as a "third-person action adventure", it does sound like quantum leap from developer Prior Games' prior game (ha), the side-scrolling arcade spaceship-em-up, Sine Mora.

You can watch the PAX East teaser below, or pore over a more in-depth description of Earth-that-soon-won't-be on the game's website.