Holy Crap, Mad Max's Car Combat Sounds Good

By Leon Hurley on at

Avalanche has a strong track record with cars and shooting with Just Cause, but there's a world of difference between that and the spiky-car combat of the Mad Max films. Fortunately it sounds like its gaming take on the movie's vehicle combat has nailed it.

The new info come from the latest Official Xbox Mag which has had a look at the game in action. Car fights are built around a squad idea, with convoys of enemies for Max to battle, with lesser drivers fighting to protect a leader and using flanking manoeuvres as you race across the desert. It doesn't sound like a simple destruction derby style approach.

How you take down the convoy seems pretty much up to you. There's a range of weapons thrown around including a harpoon that can be used to pull passengers and driver out of cars, collapse structures or rip wheels off. Other options include things like wheel blades or flamethrowers to cause damage when side-swiping vehicles (the latter consuming fuel which seems to be as crucial in the game as the film). Combat scenarios described also include high speed potshots at fuel tanks to blow opponents up, or fighting off goons that ride atop enemy cars waiting to jump on yours.

This is where the car customisation gets interesting. Those goons jumping on you can be taken care of with some hood spikes, for example. The game's new car, the Magnum Opus, is described as a "blank canvas" with no correct option for upgrades, it all depends on how you play. There's apparently a deformed mechanic called Chumbucket to actually do the work on the car, and by the sounds of it he rides in the back to pass you guns as you fight. The ideas talked about include kitting it out for speed (light armour, big engine), protection (armoured chassis, rams, heavy armour), offence (flame throwers, wheel grinders) and just plain crazy shit (spikes mainly). The enemy cars in the convoys seems to have a similar range of variety so it sounds like the fights will have a little  more texture to them than just ramming everything.

It all paints a picture of high speed, side-swiping car-to-car fighting with some interesting weapons and a range of opponents which has certainly go my attention.