There Appears to Be a Drivable Couch in Battlefield Hardline

By Leon Hurley on at

This is one of those things I had to check and then triple check because I thought it was fake, but it does indeed seem there's a drivable sofa hidden hidden in the Dust Bowl map.

Some people are already playing Hardline via EA's Access program, and within hours of it going live the sofa was discovered. It's called The American Dream and is apparently the fastest thing in the game. Running people over with it causes 'Merica' to appearĀ as the cause of death. The couch apparently spawns in a variety of locations and it's not clear year whether it appears all the the time or if it's just an Access special. Seem like it would be hugely overpowered if it was in the full retail release, the counter to that being all on board are hugely exposed.

Here's multipleĀ videos of it in action to prove I'm not making this shit up: