BBC Two Planning a Docudrama on How GTA Was "Conceived and Created"

By Leon Hurley on at

As part of its Make It Digital initiative to inspire children to code, the BBC is planning "a new BBC Two drama based on Grand Theft Auto".

The show is planned as part of range of programs designed to inspire digital creativity in children and seems to be a fictionalised account of the games creation and subsequent media coverage.

This is the pitch for the show:

This special 90-minute drama will tell the story of arguably the greatest British coding success story since Bletchley Park - the triumph of the computer game Grand Theft Auto.

Unlike many coding success stories, Grant Theft Auto was not created in Silicon Valley - it was the brainchild of a bunch of British gaming geniuses who had known each other since their school days. In autumn 2013 its latest iteration - GTA:V - earned $1bn in its first three days, becoming the fastest selling entertainment product in history.

GTA offered gamers the chance to step into a fantasy world where they could behave like criminals, gun down rival gangsters and cops, hijack cars and venture deeper into an imaginary American gangland underworld.

But the violent gameplay coupled with its outstanding success led to fierce opposition: from parents worried about children immersing themselves in such a violent world; from politicians, alarmed at the values it encourages; and above all from moral-campaigners, who have fought passionately to stop it. Grand Theft Auto tells the story of how the game was conceived and created and the subsequent fallout as various groups objected to its violent gameplay.

The drama angle is interesting. Are there going to be actors playing the Housers?

[BBC launches flagship UK-wide initiative to inspire a new generation with digital technology - BBC]