Final Symphony: Final Fantasy Recorded in Abbey Road by the London Symphony Orchestra

By Leon Hurley on at

You might have seen something about the Final Symphony tour, it was a series of performances featuring special arrangements from the Final Fantasy series by some of the best orchestras in the world. Now, there's the Final Symphony album, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The album features arrangements from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X, which were developed into full pieces from the original games by composers Jonne Valtonen, Roger Wanamond and another Square/Final Fantasy alumni Masashi Hamauzu. The music was recorded "in the presence of composer Nobuo Uematsu", which kind of sounds like he just sort of sat there and listened. Well, he did, but if you watch the video below you can see he looks quite happy about it all.

The album's done some pretty impressive sales figures, hitting the top of the iTunes classical chart in more than ten countries, and getting top 5 classical album positions in both UK and US.

You can grab it on iTunes here or stream it on Spotify here.