Bristol is About to Go Full Watch Dogs

By Leon Hurley on at

Remember how Watch Dogs was based on a completely interconnected software-driven Chicago? That's going to Bristol soon, as it becomes "the only 'openly programmable' city in the world". I'm sure this won't end in disaster.

According to a report at Techworld, the city has announced a partnership with a networking company called NEC to develop "a bespoke software-defined network to connect every aspect of the city’s infrastructure". It'll start collecting data this year to let people create apps - hopefully not traffic light jammers or steam pipe exploders – with the work being lead by researchers at the University of Bristol.

The Bristol is Open project is aiming to create an infrastructure that's "technologically agnostic" to create the first “openly programmable” city. That's vital for the whole Internet of Things idea - a world full of interconnected devices all communicating and making life easier for their puny human masters. The example given here is of a street lamp becoming a 'smart object,' with over 100,000 planned as "a canopy network across the city."

[Move over Bansky, Wallace and Gromit and Ribena; Bristol will make history as the first city to become an open operating system - Techworld]