This is What a Real Laser Does to a Truck

By Leon Hurley on at

Forget game guns, this is what a real laser does to a truck. In this case a 30-kilowatt fibre laser 'Advanced Test High Energy Asset', or ATHENA for short, because acronyms are cool.

This is the result of a field test by Lockheed Martin to show off the device's precision and "capability to protect military forces and critical infrastructure". The truck was up on blocks and running over a mile away from the laser, which took "a matter of seconds" to burn through the manifold and render the vehicle immobile. The system uses something called "spectral beam combining" to channel several laser modules in to one high power beam. Want.

[Turning Up The Heat: Latest Evolution Of Lockheed Martin Laser Weapon System Stops Truck In Field Test - Lockheen Martin]