The New 3DS is Out, Here's Everything You Need to Know

By Keza MacDonald on at

Nintendo's New 3DS is out today in Europe, in both standard and XL form. I've had both for a while now, and after switching between the XL and the regular model for a while I've stuck with the regular model - the screen's still a fine size, and I'm really into all the upcoming faceplates (that Majora's Mask one, man). Also, America's not getting it, and sometimes it's fun to gloat. I think it's a great cosmetic and functional upgrade, if not yet an essential one. Though that extra nub makes controlling the camera in both Majora's Mask and Monster Hunter much more natural, they're far from unplayable without it.

Here's everything you should need to know to reach your own decision.

Wondering which model to get? Have a look at our video and photo comparison of all four older and new 3DS models. See also: this brief rundown of some differences between the old and new 3DSes. If you're into the smaller model with the faceplates, which is what I've gone for, here's how to change those faceplates.

Upgrading? Here's how to transfer your data. Beware, it's a bit of a pain. And a long process.

Looking for hardware impressions? We've had 'em since the Japanese launch - here's the full review. And here are two things that Brian disliked.

New to the 3DS? Get started with the 12 best games for the system, though bear in mind that there are two more excellent games out today...

Thinking about buying Majora's Mask? Here are 5 new things in the remake, and read our full review of the saddest, strangest Zelda. There's also a graphical comparison of the N64 and 3DS versions. Here, meanwhile, are 12 reasons you might want to play it.

How about Monster Hunter? We've got a review of that, too - and some beginner tips. There's also a rundown of what existing fans need to know about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Holding out for Xenoblade Chronicles? Absorb this New 3DS vs Wii graphics comparison in the meantime.