Have You Found One of Battlefield Hardline's Weird Reloads?

By Leon Hurley on at

The Battlefield Hardline beta is now live, including the great Hotwire mode. It's also full of secret reload animations you've a "1 in 10,000" chance of finding. Here's what's turned up already.

There's a video from Battlefield Hardline's animation director Tony Gialdini at the bottom to explain more, but the short version is that the team snuck in a range of weird comedy animation Easter eggs. They also bet on whose would be found first, Tony's three-handed effort won that wager.

The team won't say how many there are (only that "there are still quite a few out there") or how you unlock them. The only clue given away by Tony is that his Easter egg requires an empty reload, and won't be triggered by a tactical one.

Here's what's been found so far:

RPG No Work Good

Use the Force

The Three-Hand Trick

And here's Battlefield Hardline's animation director Tony Gialdini to explain a little more about what's going on: