Portal 2's Long Fall Boots Can't Be Far Off

By Leon Hurley on at

There's been a couple of takes on shock-absorbing feet-tech in the Portal-verse. Now, someone's trying to make impact absorbing footwear for real.

Meet the Enko running shoe: a trainer with two built-in pistons that's the result of 12 years of work by engineer Christian Freschi. Those pistons not only absorb the impact of running (and, in this case, very small falls) but also stores the energy and returns it when you lift your foot.

Here's Portal 2's take on shock absorbing footwear:


And here's the Enko running shoe's version:


Although this is my favourite bit, a real-life walk/run toggle:


The shoes are currently on Indiegogo looking for $50,000 to fund an initial production run. The final product itself is a bit pricey, at around £260 a pair, but I'm sure Cave Johnson would agree that real science costs hard cash.

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