The Owner of Condemned Might Give the Franchise to an Indie Studio

By Leon Hurley on at

Jace Hall, former Monolith CEO and current owner of the Condemned franchise, is thinking about letting an indie studio have a crack at number three in the series.

I have to admit, I'm interested here. The first game was an excellent first person horror game, although the sequel jumped the shark with a springboard. So, if any studio takes the offer up, I hope they focus on the more serial-killer-flavoured original and not the second's weird plot about a secret society who could shout people to death.

Anyway, here's the message posted by Hall on his Facebook page:

Deep thought..and question...

I helped to create a video game console franchise called "Condemned." I currently own the entire franchise.

There have been 2 game titles released for the franchise, "Condemned: Criminal Origins" and "Condemned: Bloodshot" - they both did well, and I am consistently asked when a third game might be created.

Since I am focused on other things, and will be for quite some time, this franchise is just sitting there.

I am contemplating finding an interested and proven Indie development team AND PROVIDING IT TO THEM, so that they can take over the franchise and move it forward.

As an indie, it can be very hard to get marketing/media attention for a title that you work on. This franchise is already quite known, has market demand, and is in an innovative genre/category.

Should I explore this idea further? What say you all?

Now, what studio would make good fit for this?