Those Deactivated Far Cry 4 Keys Were Stolen With Fraudulent Credit Cards

By Leon Hurley on at

The Far Cry 4 key's Ubisoft deactivated and deleted this week were apparently bought using "fraudulent credit card information" from EA's Origin store, before being resold online, according to a statement from the publisher.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer, Ubi said the codes were stolen and that those affected should get in touch with whoever they bought them from:

"We strongly recommend that players purchase keys and downloadable games only from the Uplay Store or their trusted retailer. We regularly work with our authorised resellers to identify and deactivate fraudulently obtained and resold keys. In this case, we confirmed activation keys were recently purchased from EA's Origin store using fraudulent credit card information and then resold online. These keys may have been deactivated. Customers who may have been impacted should contact the vendor where they purchased the key for a refund."

Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed: Unity have also been removed from Origin and EA has also issued a statement:

"A number of activation keys for Ubisoft products were purchased from Origin using fraudulent credit cards, and then resold online. We identified the unauthorised keys and notified Ubisoft. If you are having trouble with an activation key, we recommend you contact the vendor who sold it to you for a refund. We strongly advise players only purchase keys from Origin or trusted resellers"

One of the resellers affected, Kinguin, had previously argued that Ubisoft had "no legal basis" for its actions and argued that "the banned game copies in question were acquired through licensed wholesale distributors and as such the origin of the keys is the publisher himself."

Since the new information has emerged the retailer is now asking those affected to get in touch with customer support.

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