Ubisoft Deleting 'Banned' Far Cry 4 Keys

By Leon Hurley on at

Ubisfoft has apparently started deleting 'banned' digital versions of Far Cry 4 obtained through G2Play and G2A.

The games have been been disappearing from players' accounts and it appears Ubi are cracking down on products that have potentially been obtained and resold, or sold across regions.

I've contacted Ubisoft for more info, but Ubi Support is referring queries on Twitter to contact the original retailers:

It's not the first time the two online retailers have caused problems. Devolver has outright denounced G2A previously as providing non-legitimate copies of its games:

The reason behind the deletions seems to be that the retailers are re-selling keys from boxed products, or bought in from one region and then resold in another. Here's a section from G2Play's FAQ:

Where do you buy your games from?

All game codes/keys are picked up through major distributors, from their original retail boxes, and scanned up into our database. We test all games before selling, so we inform you about available languages, regional limitations (if any) and any other necessary instructions whenever needed.

G2A on the other hand is more of an online auction house enabling a 'selling user' to "sell via the site and being the owner of game keys in digital form" according to its terms and conditions.

Effectively, in both cases, you're not buying the game from Ubisoft but rather a sort of digitally hooky second hand version, which could potentially affect all sorts of things like warranties, terms and conditions, statutory rights, taxes and duties and so on. It doesn't sound far off the online equivlient of coming back from holiday with a couple of suitcases full of duty free Marlboro Lights

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