Near-Impossible Super Mario World Glitch Executed For The First Time

By Evan Narcisse on at

It's something that most players wouldn't even think is possible: playing a game in a certain way that jumps you completely to the end, without beating its final battle. But there it is, just uncovered in Super Mario World.

A new video by YouTuber Minecraft SethBling shows him executing a set of moves, which as he explains it, effectively rewrites the game's code in real time as he plays. The fact that this is allegedly happening on a Super Nintendo console—and not on any kind of emulated software—makes it even more impressive. The amount of knowledge needed to suss out this glitch and the exacting nature of its execution (discovered by Twitch streamer JeffW356 and explained in depth here) is simply incredible. You need to know how the game was written and the effect that player actions have on the way that the console and the game talk to each other. Just amazing.