The Elder Scrolls Online is Ditching Subscriptions

By Jason Schreier on at

The Elder Scrolls Online will go free-to-play in a few months, with Bethesda removing the subscription fee to coincide with the console release on PS4 and Xbox One this June.

The move has been expected for a long time now after the online Elder Scrolls game failed to make much of a splash when it was released for PCs last year. Now, it's official: Bethesda is re-releasing the game as "Tamriel Unlimited," a version without subscription fees that will go live on March 17 for PC/Mac and on June 9 for PS4/Xbox One.

Bethesda says:

Beginning June 9th, you can join your friends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play The Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited… with no game subscription fees!

Tamriel Unlimited is arriving on PC/Mac, too – beginning on Tuesday, March 17th. To celebrate the announcement, we've released The Confrontation, the final chapter in our thrilling series of cinematic trailers. Watch the stunning conclusion and get ready for Tamriel Unlimited!