Disney and Activision are Arguing Over Which Sold The Most Toys

By Leon Hurley on at

I say 'arguing' but it's more a case that both companies are claiming it sold more than the other guy, rather than grabbing each other's suit collars in a LA sushi restaurant car park.

President of Disney’s interactive division, James Pitaro, told Bloomburg in an interview: “we’re outselling our previous year and we’re outselling our competition”. That statement came after the NPD Group showed US sales of Disney Infinity franchise increased 16 per cent. Important as the whole interactive division has apparently only just become profitable.

However, on the other hand, you've got Activision's latest press release: "Skylanders is the #1 kids video game franchise of the year" for 2014, and "30% bigger than its nearest competitor" according to Acti boss Eric Hirshberg. That's apparently based on "physical game unit sell-through data, according to NPD, GfK, and Activision internal estimates."

So, who really won?

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