MMA Fighter Thinks Mortal Kombat X's Cassie Cage Stole Her Face

By Leon Hurley on at

MMA fighter Felice Herrig has published a few comparison images between herself and Cassie Cage, a new Mortal Kombat X character, stating "it's safe to say Mortal Kombat X definitely used my likeness".

Herrig is currently the 9th ranked female strawweight according to the Unified Women's MMA Rankings, specialising in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts.

Here's her post about the likeness between her and Cage:

herrigAfter thorough investigation I think it's safe to say #MortalKombatX definitely used my likeness for the video game character #cassiecage

A photo posted by @feliceherrig on

There's definitely a similarity around the nose (look at the side on profile). However, the real clincher is the bubble gum finisher Cage uses in-game. Herrig has a bit of a thing for bubble gum so it's either one hell of a coincidence, or a deliberate nod to her.

As well as that comparison shot up there, Herrig has also got in touch with both Ed Boon and the game's official Twitter.