This Guy's Entire YouTube Channel is Just Far Cry 4 Wingsuit Stunts

By Nathan Grayson on at

I wouldn't be surprised to see this guy post a video of himself soaring through the eye of a needle next.

I used to dream of flying, you know.

But now here's Danny Rusk, who flies like he was born in Far Cry 4's wingsuit rather than the lame, earthbound birthday suits the rest of us are stuck with. He pulls off the kinds of stunts that will make your entire body seize up with stress until, miraculously, he's hurtled through a bridge or the world's narrowest rock formation or the jagged outcroppings of the human soul.

It's so ridiculous that it's very nearly stupid. I don't believe I can fly anymore. Maybe I never actually could. This person has stolen my dream by being infinity times more skilled than I'll ever be.

I mean, watch this madness:

And this fucking nonsense:

And this amazing absurdity, which made me go "ahhh no, please don't" even on my second viewing:

And this truly outrageous bullshit, which is the suavest entrance and exit ever conceived:

And now he's just showing off (which is, you know, the same thing he's been doing the entire time):

There's even more over on his YouTube channel, because that is literally all it is (except this one time where he blows up a pig, because it's healthy to have hobbies).

To conclude, you'll probably never soar like Danny—deftly skilled sky badass that he is—and neither will I. I guess I just wasn't meant to fly, despite all those dreams involving that five-eyed mockingbird with walrus tusks and a voice that whispered beautiful, dangerous things into my heart.