A Working NES Inside an Ecto-1 is the Best of the Eighties in One Package

By Gizmodo UK on at

By Andrew Liszewski

Got a few hundred quid burning in your pocket? A soft spot for classic gaming, and a love of Ray Parker Jr.? Then eBay seller ultimatecustoms1982 has a convenient way to scratch all three of those itches at once with this custom-made original NES console shoe-horned inside of a die-cast replica of the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1.

The starting bid is $500 (£329), and quite frankly that's a steal. The sum of this creation's parts — a Hot Wheels 1/18th-scale Ecto-1 replica and a Retrobit NES system (not original hardware) — don't quite add up to the asking price. But what you're paying for here is craftsmanship, since that Ecto-1 model needed heavy modifications to elegantly fit a cartridge slot, controller ports, and the requisite AV hookups. So who you gonna call? Your bank to ensure you've got enough cash on hand to outbid everyone on this one. [eBay via GoNintendo]

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