Playing Tennis with a Wooden Sword is Like Something Out of an Anime

By Toshi Nakamura on at

Nissin Cup Noodle – best friend of college students everywhere – has released its latest commercial that features Japanese pro tennis player Kei Nishikori, playing tennis with a wooden sword. I'd say this is crazy if it didn't actually look pretty awesome.

Nishikori, dressed as historical Japanese sword master Miyamoto Musashi, and wielding a wooden sword carved from a paddle – like the weapon Musashi allegedly used in his famous duel with Sasaki Kojiro – is dancing around the court performing some pretty impressive acrobatics, much to the amazement of his opponent and the audience.

According to livedoor News, while multiple takes were probably necessary, that's really a wooden sword Nishikori is using to volley, backhand, and serve with no CG gimmicks.

Nishikori is currently 5th in the world tennis ranking, so yeah, he's good. Even so... Damn.