Three Mysteries in the New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

By Patricia Hernandez on at

There are things inside the new Pokémon games. Cute things, sure. Everyone knows about those. But there are also smaller details, some of which you might have missed, that have interesting and sometimes creepy rumours surrounding them.

Ghost Girl

As you might already know, there is a creepy girl that shows up in Pokémon X & Y—and nobody can figure out what she does. Here's a new twist to add to the mystery: she shows up in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, too.

In case you haven't been following this, here's some background: players discovered that if you enter a certain building in Pokémon X & Y's Lumiose City, the music will stop, and a creepy-looking girl with a strange walking animation will float by. No matter what, she will always say "no, you're not the one" right before disappearing:

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

While this ghost girl went on to appear on Japanese marketing materials for Pokémon, her inclusion didn't seem to lead anywhere. Oh, but players have theories. Since the eerie girl typically says "no, you're not the one," some players mused that perhaps she was looking for a specific trainer ID. Or maybe she appears to haunt you because you forgot to tip that weird dude in the haunted house in X & Y. Who knows, though. Even Junichi Masuda, a producer on X & Y, wouldn't tell me what the deal is with the ghost girl.

Now that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are out, some eagle-eyed players might've noticed that the ghost girl is in those games, too. It's not just the Hex Maniac character model which reappears—lots of character models from X & Y are reused. That's normal. What makes the reappearance of this particular Hex Maniac girl interesting is that, if you talk to her in Mt. Pyre in ORAS, this is what she'll say:

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

Same exact thing! Granted, she doesn't have the weird animation that makes her look like she's glitching out, but still. It seems like too big of a coincidence, especially since this Hex Girl isn't located just anywhere. Mt. Pyre is where trainers go to bury their dead Pokémon. It's a scarier setting for the ghost girl to appear than that random building in X & Y.

The question remains the same, though: is this throwaway text, or is she programmed to actually look for someone specific? Nobody can say.

The Haunted Apartment

Another Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire mystery. In a location called Mauville Hills, there are a variety of different apartments. Some are occupied. Some are vacant. All apartments have an intercom, though. If someone is inside, they'll respond to you. If nobody is inside, this is what you'll see after buzzing the intercom:

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

This is true for all empty apartments...except for one. In one of the apartments, this is the response you'll get after you buzz the intercom:

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

They both aren't replies, that's true, but the implication here seems to be something eerier—like its a pregnant pause, or as if something is intentionally not responding to you. Like a ghost, maybe. Why a ghost, of all things? Well, if you read the nameplate next to an apartment, it will tell you who lives inside the apartment. For most unoccupied apartments, it'll say "This unit is vacant. - Mauville Real Estate Management." For this one weird apartment, the nameplate says this:

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

Why would there be a great deal on the lease? There has to be something wrong with it, right? It could be something mundane. Or it could be that someone has died there, and it's haunted. At least, rumour has it that there's a character in ORAS that says that's the case. I haven't been able to find said character, though. Even if that last bit is total bullshit, the fact people are speculating and coming up with lies about it says something, I think.

Where do the legendaries come from?

And finally, we come to the legendary Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As you may know, the games have a ton of legendaries. Dozens of them, in fact! All from different games, some of which aren't even in the same timeline. The game doesn't really explain how that's possible, though. Where do they come from? How do they appear in Hoenn? All we know is that you can often find them inside of portals that show up in locations all around Hoenn, where ORAS takes place.

There is a theory, though. Hoopa. Don't know what Hoopa is? That makes sense. Hoopa isn't an actual Pokémon in the game—not yet, at least. While hackers found Hoopa hidden in the code of X & Y last year, Game Freak hasn't released the Pokemon just yet:

Last May, however, Pokebeach reported that hackers found additional scenes and text relating to Hoopa, pictured below.

Three Mysteries In The New Pokémon Games That Nobody Can Explain

This is the text they found—emphasis mine:

"The Pokémon called Hoopa is linked to many of the unexplained supernatural events that have occurred in this world. My search for Hoopa has led me to this library."

"No way! Could that be the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa that you have there with you?" Options: Yes | No

No: "Oh, I was mistaken? Sorry about that…"

Yes: "Whoaaa! I can't believe it's true! See, I travel around the world, trying to solve its many mysteries. I've been researching supernatural events that have occurred over the last 100 years. One thing I've found is that the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa is connected to many of these strange events! I've also managed to come across some information about the mysterious power that Hoopa appears to wield. So, without further ado, I'd like to share my findings with you! After all, you're actually travelling with Hoopa–the very subject of my research!" Options: Its mysterious rings | The secret of its lair | Its deeds and exploits | Nothing

Its mysterious rings: "It's said that Hoopa can use the power of the three rings it adorns itself with to move objects about as it pleases… That's not all! I've also heard that when Hoopa unleashes its full power, the size of the rings can grow up to multiple miles in length! With such massive rings, apparently it can transport even entire islands!"

The secret of its lair: "It's said that Hoopa's lair is overflowing with the objects and treasures it nabbed over the years, claiming them for its own. Rumour has it that there are mountains of gold and silver treasures that it took from ancient kings and wealthy land barons. I hear that Hoopa's lair is in an oasis in the desert, but no one's been able to find the place!"

Its deeds and exploits: "There's a tale about an organisation that tried to manipulate Hoopa's power for their own benefit. After a while, certain objects that belonged to the organisation mysteriously began to disappear. Everything from weapons and vehicles to money… It all began to vanish one by one. The organisation got scared and decided to hole up inside of their headquarters. Once they did, things stopped disappearing! Just like that! Relieved that it was finally over, the organisation finally decided to step outside. It was then that they discovered their headquarters had been transported wholesale to somewhere in the middle of a desert! Terrified of what they had unleashed, the organisation promptly disbanded."

"Whether Hoopa becomes a trustworthy partner or ends up bringing about great misfortune depends entirely on the Trainer. I hope you don't forget that. I think Hoopa'll turn out right as rain with you at its side, though! You look like a Trainer who knows how to take care of his Pokémon and treat 'em right. Well, I hope you end up having lots of fine adventures with Hoopa! Have fun!"

At the time, while this tidbit of information was mildly interesting, unless Game Freak ever put Hoopa in the game, none of what Hoopa can do means anything. But now that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are out, Hoopa's supposed abilities becomes important again. We must consider that many of the legendary Pokémon you find around Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appear in mysterious locations, like strange islands. Furthermore, you always have to go through an actual hoop to get to the legendary Pokémon.

Hoopa is supposed to be a mythical Pokemon with rings, which can transport things as big as entire islands. How many rings does Hoopa have, according to the leaked text from months ago? Three. How many mysterious locations appear on your map every day, each with portals to legendary Pokémon? Three. Lore-wise, the fact that three legendaries from entirely different games appear every day inside of portals located in mysterious islands in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire could be explained by the existence of another legendary, such as Hoopa.

It could all be coincidence. Until Game Freak releases Hoopa—which we're not actually sure they'll do—this remains a wild theory about why Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have so many legendaries. It's a ridiculous thing in the game that we can't actually explain based on stuff that is playable or officially released.

And then, if they do release Hoopa, how would it happen? Would it be an event Pokémon that you can download if you purchase something, or get a code, as you could with Diancie? Will it stay in the code until the next game?

I'll throw in one final nugget to consider here. The post-game in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have something called the "Delta Episode," where players have the chance to capture Pokémon like Deoxys and Rayquaza. The name of the content seems promising—episode. Why name it episode unless there are more to come? Could a future episode of post-game content be in the works for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? As in, could there be upcoming DLC for the new Pokémon games? Might it contain Pokémon like Hoopa, or perhaps the Battle Frontier? Or maybe something that finally tells us what the hell is going on with ghost girl?

We don't know. But, should there be developments in any of these three mysteries in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, we'll let you know.