Nintendo Patents Emulator That Could Bring Mario to Smartphones

By Gizmodo UK on at

Serial public smartphone pooh-pooher Nintendo is paving the way for Mario and chums' eventual appearance on mobiles behind the scenes, it seems. A patent for a software emulator filed in the US back in June has just been uploaded on NeoGAF, which describes emulation on smartphones as well as aeroplane seat-back displays…

Ah, those halcyon early Virgin Atlantic days of a bit of Super Mario World with full SNES controller on Transatlantic flights. Alas, this patent is for the emulation of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance titles only, which may not be quite enough to drag you away from your tablet.

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It's also just an update on a patent filed in 2012, which suggests this isn't some radical new thinking that is going to see a Nintendo app pop up on iPhones anytime soon, more a gradual lining up of legal ducks for if and when the much-prophesied software-only apocalypse hits. [USPTO via NeoGAF via Gamespot]

Image Credit: United States Patent and Trademark Office