The Witcher Adventure Game is Out

By Leon Hurley on at

If you wanted to play a more board game shaped version of The Witcher you can, as the Adventure Game is out now: £6.29 on Steam and £3.99 on Android and iOS.

You can find out more about the game, which is a digital recreation of the original table top version, on the official website. Here's a bit of that info to set the scene:

The Witcher Adventure Game takes players on a journey across the world of the Witcher as they assume the roles of four distinct characters known from the books and video games: Geralt of Rivia, monster slayer; Triss Merigold, cunning sorceress; Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior; and Dandelion, roguish bard. Each character has unique skills and multiple ways of overcoming obstacles - the choice is yours: do you fight your way to victory, call on your charm or try your hand at diplomacy?