DayZ Reveals Dev Roadmap for 2016 'Final' Release

By Leon Hurley on at

A new roadmap outlines Bohemia's plans for DayZ, targeting an "early 2016" final release. Along the way there are plenty of changes planned, including new zombie AI, animal predators, construction and console prototypes.

The list looks really interesting. As well as better zombie braaaiiins (sorry), the plan includes a new renderer, diseases, construction, and a range of animal extras including companions, predators and more. The full list's below.

One thing that seems to be upsetting some is that all this comes with a small eventual price hike. The standalone's currently £22.99 on Steam (and will stay there until it's out) but the final product is targeting 39.99EUR, a touch over £30. It's not exactly a huge hike, but it seems a few people have been complaining. Somewhat suspiciously, Dean Hall, creator of the original mod, tweeted the following not long after the announcement.

Here's the full roadmap:

Q1 2015

  • Basic vehicles
  • Central economy (advanced loot distribution)
  • New renderer
  • New Zombie AI
  • Basic stealth system (zombies, animals, ...)
  • Diseases

Q2 2015

  • Advanced vehicles (repair, modifications, ...)
  • Advanced animals - life cycle, group behavior
  • Player statistics
  • New UI Stamina / fatigue
  • Dynamic events

Q3 2015

  • Traps
  • Barricading
  • Character life span + soft skills
  • Animal predators + birds
  • Aerial transport
  • Console prototype

Q4 2015

  • BETA version
  • Animal companions (dog, horse)
  • Steam community integration (Achievements, Steamworks modding, etc)
  • Construction (building shelters / walls / ...)