Assassin's Creed Unity's New Patch Has Over 300 Fixes

By Leon Hurley on at

Assassin's Creed Unity's latest patch starts rolling out this week, starting today on PS4 and the reaching the rest later. It's huge.

I've been having a relatively easy time with the game, a few floating apples and twitchy NPCs but otherwise solid, so it has been an enjoyable experience. (Although Far Cry 4 is stealing all my time at the moment.)

Here's the opening statement of the patch notes:

Patch 3 includes over three hundred fixes designed to improve your Assassin’s Creed Unity experience. While you might notice some improvements to framerate as a result of Patch 3, we still have a future patch planned to further address framerate concerns.

The rollout itself will be staggered across platforms and will come to PlayStation 4 tomorrow (Wednesday November 26th) and continue on to PC and Xbox One later in the week (though not necessarily releasing on a daily basis).

You'll have to read the whole thing if you want the specifics. It's worth noting that the word 'stuck' is mentioned 40 times in variations of phrases like "Arno will get stuck" or "Arno remains stuck". I'm amazed he's able to move at all from reading the list.

Incredibly, after all the 3.0 fixes listed, the main patch to address the framerate is still to come. There are a few issues dealt with here, however, as listed below:

  • Fixed specific framerate drops
  • Improved general Framerate on PS4 by lowering the priority of the online services thread
  • Fixed FPS drops while Arno climbs on the RHP building of Palais de Justice
  • Fixed FPS drops when in climbing and pressing the Left Stick towards somewhere that is not climbable in certain areas
  • Fixed FPS drops in Sainte Chapelle

With so much stuff being fixed post-launch you have to wonder what release date it really needed to have, to be properly finished.