Rubbish Old 3DS Game Suddenly Worth £££ as the Key to Homebrew

By Leon Hurley on at

Jordan Rabet, know as smealum, describes himself as a "youngish game developer turned hacker" and has been showing off an upcoming WIP exploit that will enable users to run homebrew games on 3DS. The project has been in progress since August but it's only now he's revealed how it works, and that it all hinges on an old Ubi game called Cubic Ninja. Rabet announced this on Twitter:

Predictably, Nintendo has pulled the game from the eShop, while eBay prices have shot through the roof, topping out at nearly £80.

Rabet has been testing development with a version of Minecraft he's created called '3dscraft'. Someone who's played it says "the homebrew is in 3D. And it's actually pretty solid".

While there are obviously piracy fears behind people being able to run their own code on 3Ds, the exploit won't apparently run ROMs (yet), only homemade programs. It's also a lengthy and laborious-looking process to install by the looks of things, so it's unlikely you'll see Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on Pirate Bay just yet. However, it's a step in that direction, hence Nintendo pulling the one game that will currently make it work.

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