It's Cheaper to Ship Over a US Xbox One Than Buy From the UK

By Leon Hurley on at

Some amazing maths here from Reddit, showing that, if you can get organised, you can more or less save the price of a game by shipping a US Xbox One over the pond. As pointed out by one of the commentators, who claims to be in marketing, "Price is what a buyer will tolerate paying".

UK Xbox One - £329.99
US Xbox One - $349.99 (£218.71)
Amazon Expedited shipping to UK - $6.99 (£4.40) Rates here+ $2.99 per lb ($38.87/£24.29) thanks to/u/randomstranger454 for the catch
VAT @ 20% of order - £43.74
UK power lead - £2.99
US Xbox total - £294.12
SAVING - £35.87
Adding Xbox to basket gives a total of £307.38, but they seem to be overestimating import fees
Still cheaper though.
No duty liable on console - see here
We are really getting shafted over here