Gaming's Most Ridiculous "Press X" Moments

By Leon Hurley on at

Whatever Call of Duty Advanced Warfare does now, it will always be remembered for its 'Press X to Pay Respects' funeral moment. Possibly one of the most bizarre and needless player interactions of all time.

Or is it? Let's have a look see at some of the highs and lows of X-based gameplay.

Press X to...

bioshock-2-little-sister-harvest-adopt a bad person. (Bioshock.)



...admire the table. (Deadly Premonition. via @Lo_Fi_.)


3312687-aa3feb7faa9b5b9807ca80c9eeeb3b436e9d9773 prove you don't need a bigger boat. (Batman: Arkham City, via David.)



...make the metal parrot happy. (Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron.)


make it rain GTA Fufu's way through college. (GTA 5.)


mass grave homefront

...question everything you've done that led to this. (Homefront.)



...test Wolverine's patience. (Deadpool.)


dog call of duty a dog. (Call Of Duty: Ghosts.)


pet dog assassin's Creed a dog. (Assassin's Creed 3.)


trown a dog splinter cell

...throw a dog. (Splinter Cell: Blacklist.)



..ask the really big questions. (Murdered: Soul Suspect.)


revenge two souls

...go full Carrie. (Beyond: Two Souls.)


talk to dad

...say your first words. (Fallout 3.)



...sneak in a little lovin'. (Shadow Of Mordor.)



...Jason. (Heavy Rain.)