Can a Curved Screen Make a Difference?

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This is a sponsored post presented by LG Electronics.

Once upon a time, those in the market for a new monitor were best-served by the straightforward notion that “bigger is better”. A larger display meant more real-estate to show-off games, edit videos, process photos and fuel a dozen other creative processes. As those processes became increasingly sophisticated and the tasks more complex, enthusiasts switched to the dual-monitor set-up to satisfy their desire for enhanced immersion and the ability to multi-task across a wider viewing angle.

Over time, some began to wonder if there wasn’t a more elegant solution to alleviate over-crowded creative spaces whilst further enhancing their viewing experience, and so the curved monitor was born.

A real eyeful

LG’s top-line 34UC97 is one such creation, designed to empower a wide-range of users with an array of features built around a high-end spec. Its panoramic curved form boasts a 34-inch, 21:9 display with a 178-degree viewing angle, placing you front and centre of a truly immersive experience whatever use you put it to.

For gamers, this means getting up close and personal with a display that’s designed to pull you into the on-screen action. By engaging more of your vision, the gentle curve and wide-viewing angle deliver a wealth of game-world detail, ensuring that your eyes drink in all available visual information as you assess your surroundings. In single-player games this means enjoying expansive panoramic views, while in heated multiplayer exchanges it offers the edge in an arena where even the smallest margins can mean the difference between glorious victory and crushing defeat.

However, replacing a dual-monitor set-up with a single 21:9 screen would be a futile endeavour if it meant suffering a drop in screen space. To this end, the LG 34UC97’s superior Quad-HD resolution stands at a bewildering 3440x1440, granting it 2.4 times the pixel power of a conventional 16:9 HD display and, consequently, more screen space than two such monitors put together.

Power is nothing without control

While screen size and viewing angle are crucial factors when creating a high-end viewing experience, image quality must come first. Screens that use Vertical Alignment technology can suffer the effects of colour shift, where the colours fade toward the corners of the screen. LG has eliminated this distortion by opting for In-Plane Switching for its 34UC97, which ensures that the image quality and colour palette remain consistent across the entire screen and provide a comfortable and clear viewing experience.

Furthermore, the 34UC97 offers a colour space of over 99% sRGB to deliver colour levels and definition comparable to a real subject, making it an ideal companion for high-end photo editing and video creation.

Get connected 

For those looking to rein-in the mess of unruly wires that comes from running multiple pieces of tech, the 34UC97 backs-up its impressive specs with a wealth of connection options. Multi-port and input device control enables you to manage connections for camera, scanner or speakers without the need to connect them via a PC or Mac. Then there’s two HDMI, two USB 3.0, a display port and two Mac Thunderbolt 2 slots that allow you to make the 34UC97 the central hub of your creative space.

The LG 34UC97 offers a desirable, high-spec 21:9 IPS alternative to the traditional option of dual-wielding of twin 16:9 displays. That said, if space really isn’t a concern, you can daisy-chain these curved screens to create the ultimate wraparound viewing gallery or, more tempting still, a staggering multi-display gaming station.

This is a sponsored post presented by LG Electronics.