The Last of Us, Turned Into a Ghost Story

By Steve Marinconz on at

YouTuber Freako likes to mess around with The Last Of Us, putting Ellie's shirt on Joel, or deleting characters. In this case though, the results are a whole lot spookier, accidentally turning TLOU into something like Beyond: Two Souls.

Freako started by deleting the character models for Joel and his brother Tommy. This makes the beginning of the game play out very very differently:

The Last Of Us, Turned Into A Ghost Story

It would be weird enough to watch the opening scene play out with Sarah's invisible father and uncle, but there's more than that. Once the family is supposed to get in the car, the game won't progress any further. After reloading the checkpoint, Freako discovered that Sarah can just freely roam outside the house, turning the post-apocalyptic road story into one about a scared little girl wandering her town after a mysterious monster broke into her house and her family disappeared.

Since the following scene is the family driving through the town, the entire town is loaded, leading to a very long walk toward the city. Check out the whole thing for yourself, and see some of Freako's other experiments here.