Destiny's Hardest Boss, Killed in Under 20 Seconds

By Steve Marinconz on at

Sure, you can glitch Atheon off the cliff by yourself with a few grenades, but apparently even that isn't as fast as four players wailing on him with exotic rocket launchers. Also, clips from World of Warcraft, Alien: Isolation, Halo 2 and more!

On Wednesday in Destiny, Bludrunk and his clan Legendary Crew decided to take on Atheon in the way only the most dedicated players can: 6 players, 4 using exotic rocket launchers, take down the game's hardest boss in under 20 seconds. If you've seen the exploit that allows a single player using grenades to trick Atheon into falling off the edge, even that takes around 25 seconds.

Also, in World of Warcraft, a group of players ran the Scarlet Monastery dungeon in Challenge Mode and grabbed a record time just before the latest patch made their strategies impossible. Pretty good way to hold on to your record! (Thanks Exploboom for sending it in!)

  1. Titanfall — Rotimix
  2. VOG Hard Mode Atheon World Record — Bludrunk
  3. Alien: Isolation — Egores
  4. Destiny Thralls — quantity-question
  5. Scarlet Monastery 3:14 — Velinart (via Exploboom)
  6. Halo 2 PC Throwback — DiamondRyce