How The New Nintendo 3DS's C-Stick Works in Super Smash Bros.

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Oh, and Monster Hunter. Let's not forget that. Very important!

Perhaps the most noticeable addition the new Nintendo 3DS brings to the table is a second thumb controller: the C-Stick. Two of the first games to take advantage of it are, of course, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Monster Hunter 4G.

I the videos below, I quickly introduce the C-Stick controls for both games. Generally speaking, I like the C-Stick, and I've happy that Nintendo finally released a 3DS portable with it.

It's also worth noting that you can charge the Smash Attack by holding down the C-Stick. As with other C-Stick-based Smash Attacks, charging is simple, intuitive and effective. I'm very interested how Nintendo will use the C-Stick for future titles.

While using the C-Stick for camera controls, I kept instinctively comparing it to the sensation you get from using a standard controller's thumbstick—especially the way you can move the stick around. I don't think that's entirely fair, because there are certain built-in restrictions with portable 3DS hardware. So far, this seems like a workable solution. Time will tell if that's true.

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