Kotaku UK Won an Award Last Night

By Keza MacDonald on at

We won an award for Editorial Team of the Year - Online at last night's Games Media Awards in London, so I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you very, very much for reading and supporting us over the six months since we launched. We've only been around a short while, but I'm enormously proud of the site, the team and our super community. I hope and believe that when you look at Kotaku UK, you're looking at a site that's genuinely unlike anything else out there in terms of our approach to reporting and game culture and our mix of content.

I wrote a few months back on Gamasutra about the point of games journalism, and about how our role in the games media has changed in the nearly ten years I've been doing this. Last week, Kotaku US' EIC Stephen Totilo introduced an evolution of our approach to reporting that builds on those ideas. Since we launched we've had one rule: write what's interesting. I hope that Kotaku UK invites people to see games differently, rather than as an endless sequence of products dominated by an inflexible preview-review cycle.

We're a very small team here at Kotaku UK - that's me in the middle there, our News Editor Leon Hurley on the left and our tireless production assistant Jack Tomlin on the right - and we couldn't keep the site interesting and populated without the array of superb freelance contributors who lend us their talent on a regular basis. Laura Kate Dale, Mike Rose, Chris Schilling, Dave Owen, Jordan Erica Webber, Rick Lane, Richard Wordsworth, Angus Morrison, Tom Pritchard, Cara Ellison, Mike Diver and everyone else who's written for us over the past half year: thank you very much! I hope you continue to do so.

Special mention to Ian Dransfield, who's been like another member of the team at times of extreme stress like Gamescom, and Tom Pritchard, our ludicrously hard-working out of hours production guy, who brings over the US' posts from 6pm to midnight AND at weekends.

To celebrate, here are ten of my favourite longform things we've published so far:

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Most of all: thank you for reading. I hope the best is yet to come.