Who Wants a Xbox One or PS4 Laptop?

By Leon Hurley on at

All sorts of pointless want here. I don't need a handmade portable PlayStation 4 or Xbox One but there's something about these that's just so shiny.

They are the work of Ed Zarick (via Eurogamer) and are hand built from laser cut acrylic and 3D printed parts while featuring a 22″ Vizio 1080p LED LCD. They're costly though and you'll have to stump up a $750 non-refundable deposit just to get on the waiting list, although Ed says "trust me, it gets full quick".

If you go the whole hog then the PlayBook 4 will set you back $1,395.00 (around £876), or $1,095.00 (£687) if you provide your own console. You'll have to throw in an extra 50 bucks (£30) if you want an HDMI out as well.

The Xbook on the other hand comes with and without Kinect at $1,495.00 (£939) and $1,395.00 (£876)  respectively. Again you can provide your own console and knock it down to $1,095.00 (£688). An HDMI out is also still extra.