Oh My Gosh, Nintendo Gave Link a Motorcycle

By Yannick LeJacq on at

If Zelda making its first appearance in Mario Kart wasn't exciting enough, Nintendo sweetened the deal today. When Link (if that is his real name) arrives in Mario Kart 8 next month, the company said he'll be bringing a new kart-friendly version of his trusty steed with him.

Nintendo (sort of) revealed the Zelda-themed ride today in a message from the Nintendo of America Twitter account. It's called the "Master Cycle," and while NOA only provided fans with a sketch, they promised it'll have "plenty of horse power."

Har har har. Now if they'd just add the buddy system from Double Dash into Mario Kart 8 like they hinted they might, we'd have a regular horse-and-buggy! Ok, I'll stop now I promise.

It's worth noting that while Link's new bike is only the second Zelda-related thing that Nintendo's confirmed for Mario Kart 8, they've also left players with a big hint about similarly themed racetracks, or even an entire cup:


...meaning that Zelda fans might finally get a chance to revel in Nintendo's self-referential glory the same way Yoshi believers have been able to for a while now by racing with Yoshi, on a Yoshi Bike, through Yoshi's Valley.