Bigger is Better: Japan Prefers the New Nintendo 3DS XL

By Brian Ashcraft on at

The New Nintendo 3DS went on sale in Japan last Saturday. You could either get the regular-sized one or the larger New Nintendo 3DS XL. Which did most gamers in Japan purchase? The XL, it seems.

Famitsu reports that during its first week on sale (which is, in reality, last Saturday and Sunday), a total of 233,483 New Nintendo 3DS units went on sale. That breaks down to 61,151 New Nintendo 3DS handhelds and 172,332 New Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds. Obviously, Japan prefers the XL. Above you can see the two new handhelds in a Sankei Photo at an Osaka retailer.

And below, you can see how the New Nintendo 3DS XL compares with the Nintendo 3DS XL. Note that the screens are the same size (however, the regular-sized NN3DS has a bigger screen than the Nintendo 3DS). Also, the XL, which is called "LL" in Japan, does not have removable faceplates.

So Far, Japan Prefers the New Nintendo 3DS XL

It's worth noting that Nintendo also released a special New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle with Monster Hunter 4G, which probably bumped those XL numbers quite a bit. But, for now, bigger is better. At least for the NN3DS XL.

初週販売本数は161.8万本、Newニンテンドー3DS初週販売台数は23.3万台 [Famitsu]

立体映像が鮮明に遊びやすく 任天堂が新3DS発売 不振のゲーム機てこ入れ [Sankei News]

Top photo: Sankei News