Either This Guy Found a £2,000 Controller in the Trash or He's Double Trolling

By Leon Hurley on at

There are three options here: someone's trolling, someone's double trolling, or that's a 1990 Nintendo World Championships NES Controller #1 worth a couple of grand.

The NES and other stuff turned up in a Reddit post called "Found this little guy abandoned in the trash. Some people have no heart". It was quickly derided for being staged to gain the OP karma. People pointed out how conveniently played everything was on top of of the rubbish. Or how the console and peripherals aren't discoloured as you might expect. Or how it's a parody of similarly worded animal based posts. There's a long list.

Then someone pointed out the controller which appears in a couple of shots and looks like a 1990 Nintendo World Championships NES Controller #1. There's currently a #2 on eBay for £1,899.

So what you do you think, real or fake? Any experts out there? Most of the comments seem to agree that the original post is fake but the controller might not be. If it's a double bluff troll it's well planned - there's a PS2 in the rubbish that isn't mentioned, while the controller sticker is printed on thick old plastic not the thin vinyl of more recent reproductions. Plus that damage on the select button looks old and ingrained.