South Park Pinball is the Right Amount of South Park

By Mike Fahey on at

Zen Studios upgrades its various pinball platforms this week with a table based on the animated Christmas card that refused to die: South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball and Butters' Very Own Pinball Game. Awww, Butters.

The recent turn-based role-playing game was a bit too much South Park for me to digest in one sitting. A pair of pinball tables sound like the perfect dose — some sound clips, some references to classic episodes, and complete and total immersion into the world of Butters. He's just the best.

The South Park table two-pack will be available on consoles and PC for £3.99 later this week. The mobile versions will be £2.49 for a standalone app and £1.49 each purchased through the Zen Pinball app. More details here.