Here's What The Evil Within Looks Like Without 'Gore Mode'

By Leon Hurley on at

The Japanese version of The Evil Within, known as Psycho Break, is censored, with the sterner bloody elements only accessible via an additional Gore Mode DLC. Here's what you get with and without it.

The new shots are up on the Japanese website and show, unsurprisingly, no gore until you install the DLC. This is a Japan thing by the way so don't panic. The game's untouched over here meaning we get all the 'after' shots. In Japan, however bodies are covered (as above) for example without the DLC. Here's the same part of the game once the extra content is installed:


Headshots without the DLC won't explode heads:


But will, with:


Explosions will be also a lot less messy without the gore patch. Here's before:


And after: