The Marvellous Miss Take - One Button Stealth and... Kim Possible?

By Leon Hurley on at

The Marvellous Miss Take is a minimalist stealth game with randomised guards and a passing resemblance to a grown up version of Disney's crime fighting red head.

I know, I know: it's just the hair, but look at the two of them together:


See? Older, grown up Possible. Plus I kind of like imagining that The Marvellous Miss Take is what Kim did next.

The game itself is a really stripped back take on stealth with most of the game played on one 'make her go there' button, as Miss Take dodges guards with random patrols and strips art galleries bare. There's a really lively Saturday morning cartoon vibe to the art and animation as well making it a lovely looking thing.

Here's the game in action from EGX with a demo from developer Wonderstruck's Adam J Langridge: