Blowing Stuff Up is Always Fun

By Leon Hurley on at

I know, I know, you hear the phrase "free-to-play MOBA' and you just kind of zone out a bit. This thing however has voxel based destruction, meaning everything in a level can be blown into tiny little brick pieces.

The ability to reduce everything to its constituent parts in Voxelfield looks incredibly satisfying so I'll overlook the fact that it's another MOBA because it looks like this, and has mechs in it.

Plus there's this little guy:

The game uses proprietary tech to manage millions of active voxels in a level that all obey physics and behave according to material types - things like wood and metal, for example. It means that everything in the game can be blown up and separated, behaving realistically right down to each individual brick. The destruction is being worked into the tactics of the game, mentioning things like the ability to bring down buildings to expose or trap enemies as well as open up new routes.

The rest of it sound pretty much as you'd expect: customisable mechs, different roles (recon, repair and offensive are mentioned), and battles against other players and AI enemies.

Voxelfield is currently up on Kickstarter from the UK based team Psycho Interactive.