The Potato Salad Kickstarter Festival Actually Happened

By Leon Hurley on at

Remember the potato salad that raised £33, 000 on Kickstarter? The instigator Zack Brown promised to use some of the money for a festival. It happened, it was called PotatoStock, and that's him eating the food in question.

PotatoStock took place in Columbus Ohio last Saturday, where portions of the snack were dished out to everyone along with booze, music and sack races. T-shirts proclaiming "Peace, Love and Potato Salad" were sold and 450lb of actual potato salad made to the Kickstarter recipe were served.


Much of the money raised by the crowdfunded food was earmarked for charity and this event raised a further$20,000 for the Columbus Foundation, to help disadvantaged people in the city.

(via TechCruch and The Columbus Despatch.)