A Game About a Blind Girl

By Leon Hurley on at

Beyond Eyes' hero, Rae, is blind, meaning she exists in a blank white void. Not the best start for a game but by exploring, her remaining senses fill in the space, revealing the hidden world around her in splashes of colour and shapes. I spoke to developer Sherida Halatoe during a demo to find out more.

There's a hint of The Unfinished Swan to Beyond Eyes. At the start of the game the world is bafflingly blank, leaving you to feel your way around, following swirling cues representing smells or the unclear presence of sounds in the distances. As you encounter characters and other objects the whiteness is sparely and slowly filled with splashes of pastel colour, letting you gradually make sense of the world around you.

For sighted people it's a graspable take on the concept of being blind and an interesting gameplay mechanic - nothing really exists unless Rae can experience it, leaving the world confusingly empty until you populate it with the things you encounter as you tentatively wander, arms outstretched .

Developer Sherida is a one person studio called Tiger & Squid and originally developed the concept for the game at university. In the video below I talk to her at this year's Eurogamer Expo about the game: