Deep Down Has Amazing Hair

By Leon Hurley on at

There are some new tech demos and gameplay for Capcom's Deep Down and holy hell it looks pretty.

The new footage is from and includes details from a recent Japanese lecture called "Technical Description of the Graphical Representation of Deep Down", showing off the new Panta Rhei engine. There's a lot of jargon mentioned like "Pre-integrated Skin Shading" and "Oren-Nayar method shading" but the main is that the hair look amazing.

Look at that little guy shake his mane:

And then see what it looks like in the game:

If you want to see more of the tech in action then there are a few more videos:

Here's one showing how the "pre-integrated Skin Shading method is also used in skin representation of the monster".

Then there's this "shader case of monsters of water which the artist has produced".

This here is a "shader post-effect" showing what looks like the player's entry into a level.

While this shows how the 'detail layer' can affect armour and customisation.

In short, pretty.