The Saturday Stream: Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes [All Done]

By Mike Fahey on at

What better time to stream a game about playing with toys than a Saturday morning? Be sure to ask your parents if it's okay to come play. Warning — stream will autoplay.

My Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes review drops on Monday, the day before the US release, so I figured I'd use the Saturday Morning Stream as an opportunity to get a little more play time in before the big day. I've already clocked at least 20 hours between the playsets — Avengers, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy — and screwing around in the Toy Box, but another hour or two couldn't hurt.

Let's play!

Update: And we're done! We had a blast touring the playsets, screwing about in the Toy Box, and getting a blue screen error on the PlayStation 4, which was weird. Here's some of the footage for your viewing enjoyment.