Legends of Gaming Coming to Youtube and London

By Ian Dransfield on at

EGX will have some competition next year, with Endemol announcing it is launching a Youtube channel and companion event - intended to attract some 40,000 people on day one.

Legends of Gaming will be the Youtube channel, focused on eSports - with a UK slant - and hosted by Call of Duty's most popular vlogger, Ali-A.

The channel will see Youtubers taking each other on in a number of different games, with the aim of becoming the 'ultimate gamer'. Which has to be put inside inverted commas, because it's not exactly the official, world-recognised title.

Legends of Gaming Live, however, will be the live event wing of Endemol's new offering - hosted at London's Alexandria Palace from September 3-6, 2015, it's looking to be another huge event for players to attend and enjoy.

Which is always nice.

The live event is organised by Upper Street Events, the same company behind the ever-popular Gadget Show Live. Katie Ventresca of USE told MCV: “We’re not launching from a standing start: Endemol’s ambitious Legends of Gaming channel will galvanise both casual and hardcore audiences, offering almost 12 months of continual promotion across multiple YouTuber subscription bases ahead of the live event.

"We’ve seen the incredible rise of in power and influence of both the YouTubers and their viewers – we’ll be bringing both together in a way in which the industry is demanding."

It's PR-ey, but hey - it sounds really interesting.

[via MCV]