Are You a Hearthstone Legend? (Clue: Probably Not)

By Ian Dransfield on at

Don't feel bad if you haven't cracked the upper echelons of Hearthstone's rankings - Blizzard has gone and made us all feel a bit better by telling us exactly how many folks hit each rung of the ladder.

Obviously you'd expect Legend, the highest rank, to be limited to only a few players, but it's not even a percent - it's half a percent. 0.5% of the 20 million or so Hearthstone players have hit that top level.

That's still around 100,000 people, mind. But relatively speaking it isn't that many. Which is the entire point of Blizzard releasing these figures - to make you feel better.

In a blog post, Blizzard says... well, I'll just do a quote: "Don’t worry – you’re doing better than you think!"

D'aww, isn't that sweet? And here's an infographic showing you just how those ranks fit into the grand scheme of things (rank on the left, percentage of players in the blue bars, in case you're wondering):

hearthstone infographic