Xbook One is an Incredibly Cool Portable Xbox One

By Ian Dransfield on at

The Xbox One is a massive machine, so I can't say I expected a portable version of it to be available to buy less than a year after its launch. Or ever, to be honest.

Enter Xbook One, stage left. Made by Ed Zarick, the chap behind EdsJunk, this is a portable, customised and generally really-bloody-cool looking device.

Using all those Jetsons-esque technologies like laser cutting and 3D printing, the Xbook includes a 22-inch LED TV and full compatibility with all the leads, controllers and extras - including Kinect - that a standard Xbox One does.

It's not battery powered, mind, and as Ed says in the below video it's quite a big piece of kit - "not a Macbook Air or tablet", he points out. Somewhat obviously.

But still, it's cool. Pricey, mind, with units starting at $1,095 (around £675) if you provide the Xbox One - and that without shipping factored in.

Even so, watching this video, you will want one. I do.