A Game That's Everything I Wanted Virtual Reality to be in the '80s

By Mike Fahey on at

It's nice to see companies investing tonnes of money on extravagant virtual reality hardware, but all I really need is a pair of wire-frame hands and a vector track to wave them on. Fotonica gives me just that.

Born from a browser-based game from way back in the days when no one knew what the Unity game engine was, Fotonica is a first-person running game that really comes into its own on the iPhone. On the diminutive platform the first-person platform runner really shines; its simplicity appreciated; its clean lines sharper and more compact.

We've called it Mirror's Edge meets Rez. I suppose the comparison stands, though Fotonica thankfully lacks the complexity of either of those. You touch the screen to run, lift to jump, touch to land. Easy-peasy and potentially queasy. It's got a handful of arcade levels, an endless mode where the truly skilled can shine and a novel same-screen two-player game. Well worth the £1.99 asking price, especially since it never asks for anything more.

A Game That's Everything I Wanted Virtual Reality To Be In The '80s

As long as you aren't prone to motion sickness, Fotonica is a delightful little game, ready to deliver small doses of excitement at a moment's notice. I'd rather play this than strap elaborate equipment to my head any day.


  • Genre: First-person runner
  • Developer: Santa Ragione
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: £1.99
  • The Gist: An '80s virtual reality dream come to life. Sweet and simple.