Eight Things You Might Not Know About Mass Effect

By Mike Fahey on at

Did you know Mass Effect was originally designed as a Puzzle Quest spin-off? That's not true at all. I'm just establishing a baseline for Did You Know Gaming's video exploration of true Mass Effect facts and Easter eggs.

They might not be as exciting as the ones I made up in my head, but that doesn't make the facts you'll learn in this video any less fascinating. Did you know...

  • Mass Effect was conceived by BioWare developers drunk on the creative freedom of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Some 64 percent of Mass Effect players are too kind-hearted.
  • The Geth are immensely more save-able than the Quarians.
  • Player feedback directly led to Mass Effect 2's faster load times, increased customization options and hot, hot Garrus love.
  • Krogan faces are based on wrinkle-faced bat faces. Very large wrinkle-faced bats.
  • Fulfilling the development team's wish to have an exclusively female race, the Asari feature head fins inspired by modern hair styles and blue skin inspired by Star Trek's green-skinned Orion women.
  • A design for a male Asari was created, but why?
  • The Silurian race was designed to resemble the classic grey alien look. Party member Mordin's design influence was incredibly old Clint Eastwood.
  • How much I love bullet lists?

They've even thrown in some cool Easter eggs at the end. I've got to find that space cow.